Feat - Meal Planner & Nutrition Coach

Lose weight with tailored nutrition plans designed for autoimmune, lipid, and hypertension management created by nutrition experts.

Your diet, your nutrition plan.

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What Makes Feat Unique

A custom meal plan created just for you by a real nutritionist. No algorithm involved. Healthy and tasty recipes you can easily prepare yourself. No crazy exotic ingredients.

No yo-yo diets for you. Lose weight in a natural way by eating healthy.

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How Does It Work?

When you join Feat+ you will get a real custom meal plan that is tailored made for you. This will not be like most fad diets that promise you insane results in the shortest amount of time. If you respect the meal plan, you can potentially lose up to 4-8 lb (2-4 kg) each month.


About Us

Our weight-loss program is specifically designed for people with autoimmune, hypertension and lipid metabolism disorders to help them achieve their ideal weight and improve their overall health.

Behind Feat is Dr. Jonida Gjolli, an accomplished internal medicine specialist with advanced training in nephrology and a passion for preventative care through nutrition.

Dr. Gjolli completed her internship at the prestigious St. Marien Forest Hospital in Erlangen, establishing a strong foundation in internal medicine. She then furthered her expertise at the world-renowned Charité Berlin, earning a doctorate while refining her skills in nephrology and nutrition's role in disease prevention and management.

With a personal connection to autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto's, which she herself navigates, Dr. Gjolli offers a uniquely empathetic and enriched perspective. Her own experiences spark an unwavering commitment to exploring nutrition's therapeutic potential for conditions requiring immune modulation.

In addition to her clinical practice, Dr. Gjolli holds certifications in lipidology and hypertensiology from German medical authorities. Her multidisciplinary backgrounds allow her to provide truly holistic and individualized care to her patients.

Feat: Nutrition Coach App

More Than A Nutrition App

Feat by Yona offers exciting additional features that will help you on your weight loss journey.

Weight & Steps Tracking

Feat by Yona can sync directly with the Health App. Track your weight loss journey on a chart. Log your daily weight. You can also track your daily steps.

Nutrition Tips

In Feat by Yona you will find a lot of interesting nutrition facts for many of the food you will consume during your meal plan.

Feat Academy

Inside Feat by Yona you will find a collection of helpful articles about healthy eating, weight loss, nutrition and so much more.


Check out what some of our users have to say after they followed their custom nutrition plans.

“I've struggled with my weight for years, trying countless diets without success until I found this app. The custom meal plan tailored to me was a gamechanger. The delicious recipes using simple ingredients never left me feeling deprived. After just a few months, I've lost 12 kilograms and regained my energy and confidence and I owe it to this incredible app.”

Denada C.
46 year old

“After struggling for years to lose weight, Feat was a revelation. The plan was easy to follow in the app. Even though I might have missed a day here and there, in just one month, I lost like 6 kilograms. I didn't believe in nutrition apps before, but this one changed my mind. Highly recommended!”

Felix V.
31 years old

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